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For the 26th ILRC, we will encourage presentations on traditional remote sensing themes, but will also increase emphasis on several topics, including the role of laser remote sensing in areas associated with climate change related to aerosol properties (e.g., documenting climate change, improving understanding of forcing mechanisms, and assessing impacts of climate change), potential application of new advances in optical device technology, and laser remote sensing of the ocean and earth surface properties from various platforms.
We will organize the program around the following themes:

  • Advances in lidar techniques and new methodologies
  • Atmospheric winds and turbulence
  • Atmospheric boundary layer and meteorology
  • Tropospheric and lower stratospheric dynamics and transport
  • Middle atmosphere physics and chemistry
  • Solid Earth, Ocean, Land surface and other applications
  • Space-based missions, validation and global monitoring
  • Combining lidar measurements and analysis with other techniques
  • Water vapor-temperature-trace gases and air quality
  • Lidar networks and assimilation of observations into forecast models
  • Aerosol characterization – Cloud microphysics – Radiative properties and Global Change
  • Applications of lidars in historical building restorations and lidar educational activities
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